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 These days social media has become very popular and social media websites like Facebook have been reaching a very high amount of users – Facebook currently has 1.23 billion monthly active monthly users and as many as 757 million daily users!

These numbers indicate the type of reach that your page could have just from using social media websites. Social media websites such as Facebook are the way to have your page recognised and your name out there! Facebook has many different uses, it is for a lot more than family photos and friends updates. Facebook is the perfect opportunity for BizDevelopments to get your message and page out there to all the potential clients that are using social media.

Increasing your reputation on social media websites should be the first step that you should be taken before advertising and that is usually a exhausting task however our main goal is to provide our customers with more Global Fan Page likes / Photo and Status likes / Reviews/ Website likes and profile followers to make your page look more reputable.

Facebook is currently the largest and most used social media website on the internet today and a massive 22% increase in users from 2012 to 2013.

Delivered within 24 hours!

Did you know that 75% of the people in United States Of America and Canada are daily Internet users? Most of your potential customers are online
right now as you read this! Even if your business is offline you must have a strong Internet presence to avoid missing out on potential sales, service and customers. If you don't have an online presence your competitors will be capturing your potential customers instead of you and your business. We can change that for you! There are 75 million people on Twitter, and 60 million on LinkedIn.

BizDevelopments is an Internet Marketing Agency. We take pride in our excelent customer service, innovation, and outstanding online marketing resolutions. We tailor specific communications, web, and marketing strategies around each client’s unique needs, wants, budget, and objectives.

BizDevelopments is a leading business in internet marketing. A company with one intent in mind… to use online marketing strategies to get your product or service to sell more. We will launch the most effective strategies in your market. Any question or concerns you have will be answered to allow you to focus on the bigger picture – growing your business and making it successful.

Delivered within 24 hours!

Do you have a new business idea? Are you running a business? Do you want to expand your business to online customers? Do you want to launch a new product or service for your existing company? Do you have promotions and sales you want your audience/network to know about? If you answered yes to any of the above, then our over 10 years of collective experience in strategy, marketing, Internet presence management, online business, social media and web design can help you! Would you like to utilize Social Media to gain customers? Are you overwhelmed by the number of online advertising options? Don't know where to begin?

Are your current customers with a need for improvements and progress to your website? Do you need a website desined or built for you and your business? We, Social Media Consultants and Web Designers will assist you in optimizing, customizing Internet Marketing solutions that are relevant to your business. Our primary goal is to increase your business, raise awareness and Internet presence in your local or targeted area of operation to help you find more customers.

Here at BizDevelopments, our main priority is helping you and your business so you can finally get the attention your business deserves. Below are
our BizDevelopments Packages and price lists that can help you develop a social presence online, and go the extra mile by engaging members of the
community that are most likely to appreciate what you and your business have to offer.

What type of fans/views/followers/users will you receive?
We send you 100% real fan! They are all real people like you and me. All Fans will be mostly English speaking and will consist of people from the USA, UK Canada and other parts of the world.

Do we have secure payment system?

Yes, we are verified sellers; we are linked to the most secure payment system on the web PayPal. Your financial security is our highest priority. We accept all major credit cards with PayPal invoicing and we can also accept E-Transfer with online banking or Western Union.

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