"Jeanette is beyond amazing! As someone who is new to online marketing, she is willing to help and give pointers! She has been a huge asset for me! " PureOily Happy Life By K And S


 "Thanks to Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support, Tony the Turtle has really come out of his shell! I am based in Ireland and had been trying for a long time to gain a wider audience for Tony and my series of books aimed specifically for children who may see and feel the world differently. As soon as Jeanette put my books on her Facebook page, having reviewed them herself, the audience on my own page almost doubled and is still continuing to grow. Now Tony has a global following and thanks to that more and more children and families are benefitting from my books and from all the other wonderful resources that are on the SPDPS page. I know I have been recommending a lot of other resources for the children I work with all of which I have seen on the SPDPS page. Thank you Jeannette.  Val Sheehan" Tony The Turtle Books


PlayopolisToys signed up with Jeanette Baker of Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support

when we re-launched our company under a new name in March 2014. We wanted to build name recognition and reach out to SPD families.The impressive website offers valuable information to anyone seeking to understand Sensory Processing Disorder. Sensory Mommas Say the Darnedest Things shares such authentic and honest responses to day-to-day events
that readers come away knowing what super heroes Sensory Parents are. 
Being listed as a resource in Sensory Tools means parents have multiple links to our website based on their specific needs. Precisely how much traffic these links generates I don't know as we do not have a way of tracking that. What has increased traffic and likes on our Facebook page is participating in periodic giveaways on their website. We're new to social media marketing and appreciate having a partner in growing our presence.

Jeanette maintains affordable fees, is easy to work with, prompt and thorough in responding to email queries. That's huge. 
Christina Wallerstein
Chief Play Officer                                                                                   


Jeanette Baker approached us six months ago, as a PR consultant for our company, DiscoverMe Box. Since we began working with Jeanette, our social media accounts have doubled in followers, our sales have increased, and she continues to go above and beyond to help us grow this little company into the giant we think it can be.
Jeanette is professional, focused, and very detailed oriented. She knows what she is doing, and her many years of experience shine through in her day to day activities. I have often felt at a loss, frustrated with the grassroots marketing we have to do because of the small budget we have, but Jeanette has been able to work within that tight budget and show us tangable results. She has great instincts and knowledge about social media, the internet, and ways to drive traffic to your websights and social media pages. We would not be where we are today if it wasn't for all her help and patience. She often knows our goal before we even speak it, and she is quick to formulate a plan to put into action.
The best part, her plans actually work! We can be reached at 603-219-3342 for a personal reference if needed. We could not say enough about Jeanette Baker and her tireless efforts to help grow We are very thankful for her help, support, and all her knowledge. Without her we would have probably given up on social media all together. We could not say enough about Jeanette Baker and her tireless efforts to help grow We are very thankful for her help, support, and all her knowledge. Without her we would have probably given up on social media all together.


 The Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support Group and Jeanette have done a fabulous job promoting and our facebook page.  Our likes on facebook increased 200% and we have world-wide reach.  This is the best money I’ve spent promoting my business, I can’t tell you enough what a wonderful job you are doing.


 We've been working with Jeanette and with Sensory Processing Parenting Support for a while now. Jeanette is an abundant source of information and help. She's helped SensoryTreat reach more parents and grow out amazing community. With a common goal of educating the public and helping people who face special parenting, working with Jeanette proved to be a smart move. It is people like her that make it possible for our world (as parents to special children) be better. The SensoryTreat team.


I've been advertising with Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support for several months now, and I was shocked at how successful it has been. I went from about 50 likes on my facebook page to over 1,500, almost completely as a result of SPDPS!! I've more than recovered the advertising fees in sales, and Jeanette has been great to work with throughout this whole process. Highly recommend. Lifetime Sensory Solutions


 We've loved working with Sensory Processing Parenting Support over the past couple of years! Our goals align so well in supporting parents with SPD kiddos and the feedback/response has been outstanding. We have gained many a happy (seam-hating) customer/friend from our relationship – every time one of our posts are shared or we sponsor a giveaway, we see immediate results!   SmartKnitKIDS


 I am so excited to give a reviews about Jeanette. She helped set up my website and got it up and running. She has given me tips on how to make my business succeed. I have only started since March 11, 2015 and now I have over 16,000 likes. Also with the advertising she puts on her website/Facebook page, I will get orders immediately after. I feel like if I didn't have Jeanette's help, then my business would be struggling! Now it is thriving! She has a keen business sense and truly has a heart of gold and wants your business to thrive. One time she guaranteed 1000 likes and it got 1200 overnight! Finally my business is booming thanks to Jeanette's expertise!
SPD Autism Special Needs Oils


Thank you for helping me grow my business from the very beginning! I appreciate your hard work and dedication. Looking forward to another year. ~Elly Nessa Weighted Blankets